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Welcome to Rune With a View, the joint magazine of Royal Holloway's Games Society and IFIS (the Institute for Impure Science - often called the Sci-Fi Society). Rune With a View was compiled and destributed to all society members and was produced as and when articles are written. With these pages, I have attempted to create Rune With a View On-Line. As such I have tried to get my hands on as many back issues as possible and will (in time) have all articles available for scrutiny.

In trying to work out the best way of letting people browse the articles, I have tried to come up with something simple and yet useful. You may view the list of articles in three ways - by category, by author and by issue. If you have a better suggestion, please make it.

Finally, if you an older member and have an issues lying around, that I don't already have, please lend them to me so that some of our newer members can share some nostalgic moments...